Sunday, December 13, 2015

Monthly BroadCast 2015 (3rd Quarter)

July 2015

I apologize for not sending out a note in June. My desire to bless will keep me going still.

In a discussion I had recently, my position on an issue was questioned. I believe the ease with which I was able to respond was tied to my personal conclusion on that topic long before it was raised. 

Another reason would be where my values along that line lie currently.

It's the 2nd half of the year, if anything, we want to be more deliberate. Now is the time to...

*Be decisive on our plans/grey areas
*Tap into support from the right people/sources to do this
*Be clear on our values and ensure they are the basis for those decisions/positions

...even long before they get questioned/challenged/tested.

Have a joy-filled July
Fondly from @FolaFayo

August 2015

So we continue with the second half of the year, trying to achieve our goals and accomplish feats. 

Sometimes however, the 'simple' daily routine seems so overwhelming, that we are unable to do anything extra towards those goals.

So that those goals don't stay untouched, my encouragement is to

*Start Small
*Stay consistent
*Share with Someone who will hold you accountable 

That book you want to read, cover a page today. And another tomorrow, and then again. That business you want to start, get more info about it then make one sale, and then another. 

Just keep that passion alive by keep on keeping on.

Have an Awesome August
Fondly from @ FolaFayo

September 2015

There are times when we probably wonder why something that is "important" to us isn't flourishing. Or maybe we ask ourselves why we aren't so upbeat about that "passion". 

Well I've been reminded recently that what we focus on grows. So maybe what we expect to do so well isn't, but definitely something else that has our focus is.

The challenge is to identify what has taken our attention and then try to switch it with what is more important to us. Our energies naturally flow to where our mind is, and the mind is filled with what we see / gaze on.

What are you beholding?

Have a special September 
Fondly from @FolaFayo

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