Saturday, December 19, 2015

Monthly BroadCast 2015 (Last Quarter)

October 2015

There's this story I've known for a while. 2 men who had the opportunity to build a house. 

One built his on a rock, and the other on sand. Sure enough, the rains & storms came. The rock house remained. It withstood the force and pressure because it had a strong foundation. But not the house on the sand, with an unstable one.

Everyday we are building. Our faith, our relationships, our parenting, our health, our career & our future. But on what foundation?

Any unstable foundation must be changed. It's never too late to rebuild, and to build right. Tough times will come, but that sure foundation will sustain.

Be blessed
Fondly by @Folafayo

November 2015

On one hand, education adds knowledge and on another, it equips with the ability to learn even more.

But then outside the 'walls' of a school it is also important to keep learning - new things and new ways especially in areas that matter so much to us.

If you aren't yet taking time to learn more about that career, that relationship, parenting/raising kids or even keeping fit/healthy, then probably it's really not that high on your priority list.

'Now' is a always a good time to pick that book, search for an article, attend a training, speak to an expert, listen to a podcast, join a relevant group/community... to get a reboost and step up your confidence level. Just keep learning because it will help you be better and do better

Have a blessed November
Fondly by @FolaFayo

December 2015  

What will differentiate you now from who you'll be this time next year will include the dreams you have & the goals you set now.

"If you could see yourself in terms of your true potential, you wouldn't recognize yourself" - JC Maxwell

As 2015 gradually takes a bow, I'd like to leave you with these -

*Go over your goals/dreams list for this year (some achievements and some outstandings may surprise you)
*Start preparing your goal/dream list for the new year
*As an idea comes to mind, even if it seems challenging, note it down somewhere (e.g. On your phone)
*As much as possible, include an image to those points (images are stronger than words)
*And start praying about it (Because you'll always require supernatural help). 

On behalf of myself and my family, here's wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic 2016 in advance.


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