Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Know That End

As I type this post, I have directly sleeping in front of me a new bundle of joy in my small knit family. I must confess this has been the reason for the delay in updating this blog, since my intent for now is to share at least two new learnings every month. So my apologies for keeping you all in suspense, but sincerely, no apologies for sharing this wonderful news.

At a few minutes past 5 in the morning of the 17th of May, I was safely delivered of our baby boy, and it was indeed some experience. Looking back at the events that took place just before the actual birth, I can say there was indeed another discovery for me that I believe would encourage some of us at this time.

It is easier to labour when we know the reward that awaits us at the
In life I have come to realize that nothing good comes easy – from excelling through school, to being happily married, to getting a good job / keeping a profitable business and even to something as seemingly small as eating a good meal or looking good. There’s usually that “tough” phase that we must just go through. It may be staying up all night to study ahead of an examination or waking up early to be at work or even standing in the kitchen for more than an hour to put together that meal.

The truth is this, when we do know what it is we actually intend to achieve or receive or own at the very end, that ‘tough’ phase is more bearable.

And for me, knowing that I was going to hold and smile on a baby that I could call my own again (in addition to the lovely daughter I already have) was an encouragement through that one and half hour of labour after the water broke. For the mothers reading this post, you’ll definitely agree this is one experience that is not easy to forget or go through however the wonderful reward of a new life coming through you is worth it all.

My encouragement therefore is this; always identify clearly what it is you intend to reach for. It’ll keep you going when it gets tough, when you have to sacrifice some conveniences or luxury of some sort just to get to that end. Keeping also in mind that that ‘labour’ period is only for a limited time.