Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There's More To You

Sometime ago, I was trimming my son's nails and then he asked, "Mummy why does this, though small, make noise?" He was wondering why there was sound coming from such trivial activity and with small objects. My response to him – it’s not always about the size of a thing but what it is made of.

Then I went on to explain various types of materials and their properties. I also mentioned different sizes of things that could be made from them and their varying strengths or capacity to produce sound when broken or cut. As I explained, I was reminded that our 'size' or what others see is not all there is to us. Infact our parts which cannot be seen actually define us, distinguish us from others and determine how we ‘make noise’ when being broken or cut.

There are a number of parts to who we are, but an important one is what we believe. What we believe about ourselves, what we believe about others, what we believe about life (and many life issues), what we believe about what we see and what we believe about life beyond this life. But most importantly is what we believe about the One who made us, His thoughts about us and plans for us.

The truth is, we live life and deal with what it throws at us based on what we believe. If you want to stir change in your life or others, you need to start with the belief system. I know what I believe, do you?

A story many know comes to mind, about the wise man and the foolish man who built houses. The wise man built his on the rock and foolish on sand. When the storm came, the house on the sand collapsed but the one on the rock stood firm. The story did not say any of the houses was built with poor materials but it was clear that their foundations differentiated them. So our foundation is also as important as what we believe. Personally, I recommend building all of life on that which is permanent especially the eternal. Temporary things are not only short term but wreck and waste the best of efforts and resources.

As we continue in the year, with the opportunities for the new and for change, let's be challenged to review our beliefs and also become more conscious of them. Let us also ensure our lives (attitudes, values, dreams and works) are based on foundations that will stand the test of time, in particular with eternal value.