Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monthly Broadcast 2015 (1st Quarter)

So, in the past two years or thereabout, I have broadcasted messages monthly (via Whatsapp) to inspire, motivate and encourage. For posterity sake :), I will now include them on Footsteps.

Also, only a few people get the messages and those who have not had the opportunity to read them in the past, can now do so on the blog. I will share in the next few weeks all the broadcasts so far for 2015 in a quarterly format, starting with the first.

I'm sure the messages will still be as relevant and timely as when shared earlier in the year too. Be blessed...!

(For January 2015, it was simple New Year Greeting, wishing everyone a great year ahead) 

February 2015
Ok, it is true that we are all different and we have our way of doing things - from making eggs to brushing our teeth...from how we make friends to how we handle issues.

However as we relate more with people, if we let ourselves be open, we discover new ways which may actually be better.

If one is the same person one was 5 years ago, there is a problem. Each year should have come with at least one new and better we continue in the new year, be open, be true to change... be better.

Have a Fabulous February


March 2015  
Just this week, I came across this quote in a book by Francine Rivers - "Don't let a day go by without seeing some wonder in it".

Simple as it sounds, it could be a challenge sometimes. Probably because we feel like our to do list never seems to end, people around us are falling below our expectations, uncertainties holding us back from certain decisions or the days seem to pass quite stressfully.

Yet it is possible. A wonder in your spouse's touch or kind gesture; your kids smile or soft breath while sleeping; the bird that takes flight at the slightest sound; the sun's rays as it rises, it's effects as it sets...there are wonders all around, if we will look. All pointing to a God who has you on His mind all the time.

Have a blessed month this March

(PhotoCredit - ShutterStock , S.R.Lee Photo Traveller)