Monday, August 29, 2016

Monthly BroadCast 2016 (Second Quarter)

Friday, July 8, 2016

Monthly BroadCast 2016 (First Quarter)

January 2016

It's another year again and it's definitely promising to be packed with lots of goodies. But then 2015 came with a lot as well and personally I ended the year extremely thankful.

However I've learnt that being grateful has no stop date, and for this year, it would only be awesome to wake up and sleep daily with a thankful heart. Remember a thank you to anyone who helps you or even for 'small' gestures. You could also start a journal of all that stirs gratitude in you, one you can read again & again during the year.

This will not only help you develop the ability to look out positively in life but it would make you even more beautiful. After all, thankful hearts radiate beauty.

Have a blessed January.


February 2016 

One thing that came strongly to me early in the year was this phrase - "Guard your heart".

We are often careful to look out for open doors in our homes and offices. And very rarely careless at night when we retire to bed. Sometimes even rechecking our locks to be sure we didn't miss any.

The heart shouldn't be treated any less. That is the womb that carries your goals and dreams. So, who are those you share your deep thoughts with? What images do you constantly behold? What words of life do you ensure gets in? Do they keep your heart safe or endangered?

Keep your heart guarded and have a fabulous February


March 2016

Every now and then we learn something new. It could be deliberate like reading a book, attending a training or one-on-one interaction with someone who shares insights or tips with us.

Some other times, we bump into new lessons. A quote we see online, a message we hear on the media just flipping the channels or even those experiences we have that leave strong impressions on us.

One needful thing though, that will differentiate you as time goes on are the practices you take up as a result of these learnings to be better. Sometimes God may allow an experience re-occur until we actually master responding to such differently more so in a better way.

Don't leave your learning opportunities at jotting stage, or sharing with others. Make it a habit to include as a new action in your life.

Have a Marvellous March