Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don’t Just Do It

I spent a larger part of my August preparing for another diet of my certification exams. That really shouldn’t be the excuse for not posting an article for a while now though, but I am really working on making every post a worthwhile read, so I’d rather miss out on my timing for just that while than post what won’t add value.

In the mean time however I have as usual been learning a number of new things which i look forward to sharing as time goes by.

In life, we often get the option of doing certain things, varying from regular daily activities to periodic ones, seemingly simple to complex or difficult things. These activities would vary for us all, the level of expectation would also vary depending on age, gender, educational achievement, work experience or social affiliation. While pondering on this recently, I’ve come to realise that getting to do some of what is expected of us is a level many need to reach, however, how well it is done along with how timely it is done is also another level.

My initial plan when I started the process to being certified as a Human Resource practitioner was to make it through the stages required of me. Since it was a challenge to attend the tutorials, I basically covered the syllabus on my own, but consoled myself with the fact that if I could make the minimum pass mark I could sail through.

I must confess I’ve been blessed so far with the past 2 diets but on completing this recent one I saw another angle to it. The body managing the certification is a local one, but I have an eye to also go international. I realised that if I attempted to request some form of exemption from the international body, my performance on all courses beyond just making the diet would be probed. So it was no longer about my being certified when I do go through the process, but how well I went through it.

My intention now, is to make sure that for the next and God willing last diet, I’ll study to excel through all the courses, so I can have an edge when I present my results to any foreign association. I won’t limit this drive to only my exams though, I work at making it a standard to work towards excellence and not just a pass mark in all else I do.

On this therefore I challenge all, what is it that you have found necessary to do, don’t just do it, do it real well, so you don’t only prevent the possibility of re-doing it, but you also allow it to speak for you wherever possible.