Friday, December 4, 2015

Monthly BroadCast 2015 ( 2nd Quarter)

April 2015

The goal post in soccer is fixed before a match so all players are aligned on how to achieve success, whether as an attacker, in the midfield or in defence. Before 2015, most of us also set goals on areas we wanted to achieve success - spiritually, financially, with our health, in our relationships or career.

This new quarter is a good time to review them. To reset reminders if necessary that would help us achieve them. For those who haven't it's never too late to have something to look forward to. I was challenged to see how much work I still have to put in some areas but excited at the ones I can cross out. 

Also, if you had a promise from God for the year, now is the time to take out your note and read it again. For encouragement and for hope, that so much still lies ahead in 2015.

Have an Awesome April

May 2015

It is true many of us know that to be more productive, we need to identify and note down our goals. To even break them into to do's and also to prioritize them.

However there are times when resources especially the 24hours (or 18hours of "awake-time") aren't enough to cover those daily priorities. I was there again recently, but with the help of my hubby was reminded to schedule the priorities.

When you get around this, you discover how much more important some to do's are. You can actually cross out a few completely, and eventually become less stressed covering them with available resources.

May your May be impactful


June 2015..oops! this was one extremely busy month for me and my family and I was unable to share anything. 

Gratefully I recovered in this space!

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