Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Maze Of Life 3

On this 3rd and let me say last part to the maze of life I would just share briefly on the other aspect to the maze. I had initially focused on the fact that each person's path in ilfe differs, which eventually forms a maze. For some it’ll be almost simple and straight, for other the turns would be just a few and for some quite a number. In as much as the decision on where to turn at those junctions lies with us. I’ve also emphasized the need to appreciate yours and learn from others.

The other aspect I intend to share is the realization that in the maze of life, some paths would cross and remain together till the end, while some will start together, break off at some point and still meet together, others starting together which disperse may never cross again.

I had also earlier mentioned the traditional proverb on 20 friends not staying together for 20 years. However, my area of concern is this- for those years you are together, for those times your paths crossed what can those people say about you? How much of good influence did you have on their lives? While I will not encourage breaking off from a friend just because of issues that mught have occurred without proper reconciliation, I understand that knowing people over time will help you identify if they are to remain your best buddies, which would mean some form of breaking off or separation for some that would be for good.

I challenge you again, some of those people in your life now could have their paths meeting with yours for just a while, so make an effort to take it as an opportunity to influence them positively, in other words be a blessing to them. Who knows if that may help them in their next phase in life.

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ODODO said...

True talk Bukola,

What we will be remembered for was what impact and value we added to people whose paths crossed ours.

Hence, we need to live consciously and purposefully.