Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Taking That Step

I don’t quite know how to start this post, especially since I have a number of things on my mind that I would love to share. Though I must confess it was not that easy getting behind the system to type this.

It’s a new habit – putting down thoughts to share for many to read. But like a lot of habits and addiction, it starts someday, continues with commitment or dedication of some sort and remains even in the subconscious till it becomes hard to break. I’m believing that FOOTSTEPS will become like that and remain.

Taking steps for many of us in any direction may not be much of a deal, particularly when it’s just walking from one point or place to another. It’s very much different for a toddler though, that has mastered crawling as a movement style and wishes to walk just like everyone else around. There’ll be moments of falling and landing hard on the “bom-bom” but with just the right motivation and consistency in trying, taking those steps, walking and even running eventually become sub-conscious activities.

So I’m ready to take my share of the tripping but have decided to keep getting up and taking those steps to share all I can from my learnings and those of others so that many may be guided, many may be encouraged and many may be enlightened.

On a final note today, I’d say…the truth is many of us have desired to take a step in a certain direction and somehow being unable to even lift our foot to take that step; some have started but not remained consistent, my challenge to you is if this step is towards a worthwhile cause then just take that step. Take time to ponder deeply on what stirred that desire, talk to anyone who shares the same passion or understands the cause, just do whatever you need to let that flame of the desire burn again and then just like me…take that step.

…the best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the next best time to do so is today.

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