Thursday, September 6, 2007

My first Step

Mmmhh…This happens to be my very first post and I’m quite wondering how best to start it, you know how it is when doing something for the first time. You want it to be all nice, all memorable, so I’m trying to do that…

Okay let me confess that I’ve noticed that of late I say a lot of “truth is…”, so please do not be too alarmed seeing that often on Footsteps.

So…truth is I almost fought doing this. I believe strongly that there must be a logical reason at least when you take a step. When a number of my good friends started to open their blog pages or is it blogger? I was asked then when I’d start. I felt it’d be wrong starting ‘cos everyone was doing so. However I purposed that when I’m certain I had something to share and many of it, or rather the area I’d like to focus on and add value to others, then I would start.

Sometime at the end of August '07, the nudging came and the ideas came rushing in an overwhelming way and I had to agree I was close to my launch of a blog.

I feel honored to have this privilege to post a few lines regularly and would just use this opportunity to say my focus would be on what I have learnt, what I have discovered, and maybe sometimes what others have learnt. I will try not to make it too long especially since I know how it is seeing a long post and having so many others to still read.

I’d appreciate comments, views but would be really blessed to know my posts have helped others.

So on this official launch of Footsteps, I welcome you all, as I reveal my learnings, my discoveries and leave them like footsteps in the sands of time.

P.S – I eventually put myself together for this launch to coincide with my birthday this year especially as it’s a major milestone in my life… more on this in subsequent posts.


AIM said...

Welcome to the world of bloggers! And what a day to launch out. This is wishing you a happy birthday. May every single day this year be better than the previous day


Sola Oyegbade said...

(REPOST) Comment from Sola Oyegbade:
Dear Barbie, 'truth is' you have just conquered the beast called 'inertial' by taking this first bold step to launch the FOOTSTEPS! The Word revealed to us that 'God is the one who works in us both to will and to do ...' In other words, the willingness and the desire to open a blog plus the ability to do so was made available to you long before now. So, all I could say is to doubly congratulate you, first on your birthday, thank God for the precious gift of life and I pray that 'with long live will He satisfy you' secondly, on the launch of FOOTSTEPS, may He continually increase your strength, wisdom and influence. Happy Birthday and Congratulations!

olaoluwatomi said...

visited ur blog, well done, more thoughts to your blog! looking forward to more posts.

Royal_Prince said...

what a way to launch your blog, i also launched mine the same month but it just occured to me right now that i did mine a day (4th) before my birth (5th). Really love your style and "truth is", blogging is a world of endless possiblities!
Happy bday and congratulations in arrears.