Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Opportunity in “Another”

A happy new year to everyone. This is my first article in 2009, and I’m believing I’ll learn more and get to share more on Footsteps.

2008 was a good year in many ways for me and my family. For instance, we had an addition in my family – a lovely son, it was also the year Footsteps was launched. I believe you all have something good to remember the year for, even if it was for something seemingly small.

I had earlier thought I would focus on an early plan for the year, but as I sat to prepare this, I remembered another learning which I think would be just timely to share.

Sometimes last year, during one of our close of day prayers, I observed a request I always made – “… to live tomorrow better than we did today”. It was with a sincere appreciation for seeing the end of the day and feeling privileged enough to witness yet ANOTHER day coming, and then to live it better.

Then it dawned on me that many of us have had the privilege of witnessing ANOTHER in our lives, another day, another month, another paycheck or payment for goods sold or service rendered, another relationship, another meal and for us all now – Another Year. The opportunity that exist in Another of these things and more is to go about it in a better way, so that at the end of its time or period, when we stand back and evaluate we can say for sure, that it was better.

It’s a new year and if for anything, let us start with a deep appreciation of witnessing another year and make efforts to maximize this opportunity to have a greater and more fulfilling year than the previous. In order to do this well, my challenge is for you to identify the shortcomings of the previous year and make a conscious effort to overcome it in this year, and also identify the victories gained and be consistent in maintaining it.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for opportunities to witness "ANOTHER". Like you rightly said, the challenge here is how to make this "ANOTHER" better than the previous. It takes a conscious effort and also requires God's help

Happy New Year