Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Step Ahead

I’d always been and still remain a supporter of being updated, of being current, and of developing one-self continually but basically being a step ahead.

From time memorial, information has been the factor that takes one a step ahead and keeps one on the cutting edge. Continuous harnessing of information makes you current and abreast of what is going and trends which would likely predict future occurrences. This inevitably gives you an advantage.

Look for someone who is up to date on issues that concern his life and more and you’ll be sure to have found one that is a step ahead of his peers and contemporaries. From certain recent occurrences I’ve come to humbly accept this fact. And I’ve been challenged to remain informed, especially on those topics that affect me the most – the God I serve and what He is saying for the now, family & relationships, and of course finances. This however does not deter my learning more on other life issues as well. I just make sure I keep myself open to continual learning.

Despite my firm position on staying informed, another discovery along this line which further challenged me is not just getting informed but getting it fast and early enough as well as acting on it timely. It won’t be enough in these times to seek to have information, but getting it on time for it to make a significant difference and then acting on it.

Adam happens to know that free food would be available at the newly opened restaurant on the Friday the 13th, Benjamin got to know this on Thursday the 12th, and Caleb however didn’t just know on Thursday but put a reminder to have his lunch there which he made eventually. It’s very clear that the one who is a step ahead here is Caleb, making his timely information on hand work for him.

Information sources abound in numbers, the media, and the internet and of course the people around you. For much life changing information would also come from word of the mouth.
Therefore, to stay steps ahead, I challenge you with this acronym – GETAGet (Information) Early, Take Action.

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